September 12th, 2019


September 12th, 2019

It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, it was quiet actually, if rainy. I was sitting at my desk, monitoring a channel launch unfolding. Lots of work to be done, but not by me. I’m only tracking the status. My job is to figure out fuckups if they happen. I am too comatose to do anything creative, so I’m using this time to read the Canadian parties’ platforms for 2019.

Liberals. Have a detailed plan with clear and concise description of the areas they plan to focus on, and amount of money allocated to each area.

Greens. Their platform is printed in miniscule letters. Lots of text, few figures. It’s hard to find the amount of money they allocate to each area they plan to improve. They talk about the right stuff though - education, health care, taxing the uber rich more heavily than the poor - more aggressively than the Liberals.

How many seats do Greens have? Um, two. One added only recently. It will be quite some time before they reach majority. Still, it’s awesome that they are represented. Who did they historically ally with? Liberals, good, good. I would hate to see them line up with the Conservatives.

NDP is interesting. Their platform is very aggressive in terms of social care, more so than ones of Liberals and Greens. They are small, however, and their history is turbulent. I’m undecided on them.

Conservatives. I am still unable to find their platform. They are working hard on hiding it from voters, I see.

People’s Party has a platform that is openly Nazi. Preserving Canada culture AND ending multiculturalism? Hello, multiculturalism is one of the pillars of Canadian culture. Or are you talking about the culture of First Nations? You know, the native Canadians? Somehow I doubt that.

Here is who is promising what.

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A good night's work, I'd say.